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Digital X-Rays Computerized X-ray are images that are captured digitally and loaded into the patient's computer file. They are taken easier, faster and there is no chemical processing as with conventional x-rays. Patients are exposed to a minimum amount of radiation compared to traditional dental x-rays. These x-rays can also be magnified to the full size of a computer screen, allowing Dr. Pardo an improved viewing for analysis and diagnosis.
Intra Oral Camera Technology During your examination, an Intra-oral camera is used to assist with the observation. This is a very small cordless camera located at the end of a thin wand. It is small enough to be placed in the mouth with no discomfort at all. The area being examined is magnified 40 times and the image is viewed on a TV monitor. By using this camera, both Dr. Pardo and the patient are able to see any problems in the tooth. By doing this, the patient can feel comfortable and confident in the doctors findings and explanations.
Zoom Professional Whitening System A brighter, whiter smile in about an hour! Zoom offers patients the safety and science of a dentist's office with all the comforts of a spa. First you'll have a complimentary consultation to answer all your questions. If you are interested in moving forward with the treatment. Dr. Pardo will then examine your teeth and gums to ensure that they are healthy for whitening at that time. Then, while you relax, watch TV or even nap, our proprietary gel and blue light treatment work to whiten teeth to their optimal brightness. IN only one hour this treatment gets teeth an average of 9+ shades brighter!

Dr. Jaime Arturo Pardo and Dr. Myriam Lucia Pardo are a married couple with more than 20 years of experience in dentistry. They have been servicing the San Gabriel Valley community as a family practice, where humane dedication to their patients is their priority. This unique dental office counts with the vast expertise of both doctors, allowing for their patients to receive the best quality care. Their practice is equipped with the latest technology in order to offer their patients the most pleasant and efficient dental treatment as possible.

Dr. Myriam L. Pardo graduated as a general practitioner in dentistry. However, she has great expertise in the areas of Endodontics (Root canals), Prothodontics (crowns, bridges, removable appliances) and Pedodontics (Children dentistry). Dr. Jaime A. Pardo graduated as a general practitioner in dentistry. He has acquired a taste for treating esthetics along his years of practice, and has achieved experience in this field through specialized training. He has also great expertise in Oral Surgery. Both Dr. Jaime and Dr. Myriam are able to provide the best quality dental care for you and your family.


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Thursday, October 30, 2014