TogetherDr. Jaime Arturo Pardo and Dr. Myriam Lucia Pardo are a married couple with more than 20 years of experience in dentistry. They have been servicing the San Gabriel Valley community as a family practice, where humane dedication to their patients is their priority. This unique dental office counts with the vast expertise of both doctors, allowing for their patients to receive the best quality care. Their practice is equipped with the latest technology in order to offer their patients the most pleasant and efficient dental treatment as possible.

Dr. Myriam L. Pardo graduated as a general practitioner in dentistry. However, she has great expertise in the areas of Endodontics (Root canals), Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, removable appliances) and Pedodontics (Children dentistry). Dr. Jaime A. Pardo graduated as a general practitioner in dentistry. He has acquired a taste for treating esthetics along his years of practice, and has achieved experience in this field through specialized training. He has also great expertise in Oral Surgery. Both Dr. Jaime and Dr. Myriam are able to provide the best quality dental care for you and your family.


At our office, you will find the latest equipment in Dentistry. We strive to keep our office equipment up-to-date with the latest technology, allowing our patients to be treated with efficiency and better results. We count with HD Digital Xrays, which emit significantly less radiation than traditional Xrays; Intra-Oral camera, so you are able to see what Dr. Pardo is seeing to better understand your dental needs; Ultrasonic Jet cleaning, for a more comfortable and better professional cleaning; We count with the most high-end technology in root canal therapy, implant placement and more.


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